Agenda Materials




Monday, 3 October

Plenary I: Investigative strategies and techniques

           Ms. María Luisa Tierno Centella (Presentation)

          Mr. Hiroshi Yamada (Presentation)

          Mr. Ragunath Kesavan (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 1: Achieving an efficient and effective leniency programme

           Ms. Isabel López Gálvez (Presentation)

           Mr. Gorka Navea Gomez (Presentation)

           Ms. Akari Yamamoto (Presentation)

           Ms. Stephanie Panayi (Presentation)

           Ms. Subrata Bhattacharjee (Presentation)

           Additional Documentation (Luciano Di Via) (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 3:  Tools to fight bid-rigging cartels: public procurement screening and training programmes

           Mr. John Kirkpatrick (Presentation)

           Mr. Renato Ferrandi (Presentation)

  • Breakout Session 1: Leniency, leniency Plus and penalty Plus: recent experiences and lessons learned to create incentives for the complete “cleaning” of a company

           Ms. Amanda Athayde Linhares Martins (Presentation)

           Ms. Anne Krenzer (Presentation)           

           Mr. Gian Luca Zampa (Presentation)           

           Ms. Kalina Tulley (Presentation)    


  • Breakout Session 3: Challenges related to evidence gathering after dawn raids and other formal investigation tools

           Mr. Peter Alstergren (Presentation)           

           Mr. Gideon Mokaya (Presentation)     

           Mr. Jane Lin (Presentation)     

           Mr. Pedro Marques Bom (Presentation)     


  • Breakout Session 4: The use of indirect evidence in cartel cases, including in leniency cases: how to make stronger cases

           Mr. Jindrich Kloub (Presentation)  

           Mr. Tai Milder (Presentation)  

           Ms. Laura A. Méndez Rodríguez (Presentation)  

           Mr. HsuanHUNG and Li-YaWU (Presentation)  


  • Breakout Session 5: Making a leniency application: triggering factors and strategy (NGA Panel)

           José Alexandre Buaiz Neto, Marc Hansen, Yoshihiro Sakano, Felipe Serrano, Luke Woodward


Tuesday, 4 October

Plenary II: Public and private enforcement - challenges

           Mrs. Maria João Melicias (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 4: Public enforcement - settlement

           Mr. Eric Van Ginderachter (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 5: Extra-territorial antitrust enforcement – how and why? (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 6: Private enforcement – developments and challenges

  • Breakout Session 7: Achieving procedural fairness/due process in cartel investigations whilst maintaining efficiency and effectiveness (Presentation)


  • Breakout Session 10: International coordination to increase the efficiency of multi-jurisdiction cartel investigations


Plenary III: Sanctions and tools for deterrence  

          Mr. Diogo Thomson de Andrade (Presentation)


Wednesday, 5 October

Mini Plenary 7: Sanctions, remedies and damage redress (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 8: The intersection between cartel enforcement and the fight against corruption

          Mr. Carlos Mena-Labarthe (Presentation)

          Ms. Shani Roth (Presentation)


Mini Plenary 9: Fine setting: considerations and methodologies (Presentation)


  • Breakout Session 12: Compliance activities and priorities, including promoting compliance to prevent collusion

           Ms. Lucília Falsarella-Pereira (Presentation)


  • Breakout Session 13: Innovative remedies (Presentation)           


  • Breakout Session 14: Procedimiento y criterios para la fijación de las multas (en castellano) (Session in Spanish – Fine setting: criteria for calculation)

          Mr. Alberto Ramos Diego (Presentation)

          Mrs. Blanca Geraldina Leiva Montoya (Presentation)


  • Breakout Session 15: Criminalisation of antitrust infringements in administrative jurisdictions: Yes or No? When and How?  (Presentation)