Who can attend the workshop?

Officials from competition agencies and multilateral institutions, which are members of the ICN. Participation of Non-Governmental Advisors is by invitation only.


How can I register for the Workshop?

Register by filling in the online registration form on the website. Once we receive the registration form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


Is there any participation fee for the Workshop?

No, there is no participation fee. However, participants or their institutions/agencies are responsible for covering travel, accommodation and other related costs.


How do I know if my registration has been confirmed?

Your participation in the Workshop will be confirmed by an email from the CNMC, which will be sent following your registration in the system.


I haven’t received the email confirming my registration: what should I do?

In that case, please contact us at icncartelworkshop2016@cnmc.es


I am not able to pre-register on-line. Can I register when I arrive at the Workshop?

No, registration at the Workshop will not be possible. Please note that pre-registration on-line is required for all participants.


I registered for the Workshop and outings but I do not want to/cannot attend. What should I do?

Please send an e-mail to icncartelworkshop2016@cnmc.es to say that you are cancelling.


Will I receive printed Workshop materials?

Participants will receive a file and a memory stick with all the Workshop papers. Papers will also be uploaded on the Workshop website for download.


Will laptops or tablets be available for rent on the spot?

No, participants are encouraged to bring their own devices.


Will there be free Wi-Fi at the conference venue?

There will be free Wi-Fi connection at the conference venue.


Can I bring along my spouse to the Workshop?

The Workshop and other activities are for delegates only.


What is the dress code for the Workshop?

You are kindly requested to wear business attire. For the social events you can wear casual attire. Please note that the average temperature of Madrid in October is 15.1 C (59.18 F).


Can you help me to book a hotel room?

Participants must make their own travel and accommodation. Special rates have been negotiated with certain hotels . Please go to the “Accommodation” link of this website for a list of recommended hotels in Madrid.


Will I need a visa to enter Spain?

Please go to the “Additional information” link of this website to get more information in this regard. If you need an international visa invitation letter from the CNMC, please contact us at icncartelworkshop2016@cnmc.es


Will I be provided with transportation from the airport to my hotel?

No, you will have to make your own arrangements to get to your hotel and the conference venue. Please go to the “Additional information” link of this website to obtain more information in this regard.


What is the currency used in Spain?

The currency used in Spain is the Euro (EUR 1 = USD 1,138 / GBP 0.79738 (04/04/2016))


What language is spoken in Spain?

Spanish is spoken all over the Spanish territory


Should I have travel or health insurance during my stay in Madrid?

It is highly recommended that all participants carry an adequate travel and health insurance, as the organizers of 2016 ICN Cartel Workshop cannot accept any liability for accidents, illnesses or injuries that may occur during the Workshop.


Whom should I contact in an emergency?

Please provide us with your local contact/emergency contact information. You are also advised to obtain travel/medical insurance. The CNMC is not responsible for any issues relating to medical/travel insurance. You may also wish to keep your embassy informed about your visit. In an emergency, dial 112 free of charge (valid throughout Spain). Service is provided in Spanish, and also in English, French and German in some tourist areas.


Who should I contact if I have other questions?

For general information on the Workshop, please contact the Workshop planning team at icncartelworkshop2016@cnmc.es